REACT is here to change the face of teaching as we know it.

REACT is a purpose-built platform designed exclusively for Interactive Distance Learning

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Set up professional studios for full-time distance learning with true virtual classrooms

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Simply click on your class
and step inside, it's that simple!

Schools can allocate and setup up true virtual classrooms for each grade or subject, with students attending classes according to their timetable, just as they would in a real school.

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REACT is either offered as a service for web-based customers, or deployed as an entire ecosystem on your server.

In house deployment delivers full ecosystem control and scalability, with enhanced security, and efficiency benefits.

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Software as a Service

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Local Server Deployment

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Removing the distance factor from learning. We're having real conversations.

REACT offers a comprehensive set of in-built features designed to support the teacher through a simple, uncluttered interface that is easy and intuitive to use.



Lessons can be broadcast from a single laptop or from purpose-built studios using multiple camera inputs – teachers really have the capability to customise their own, unique teaching eco-system.


There’s NO scheduling, session ID’s, passwords and links required.
You simply open REACT, select your class and step inside. It’s that easy.


The Teacher has full control of the classroom, they control who speaks and when, and who has audio or video access. Teachers manage student collaboration, interaction with peers and sharing of work.


REACT can be deployed on the customer’s server, meaning entrance to the class is safe and secure with end-to-end encryption and optional directory server authentication.

Multicast technology allows for one stream of data to be viewed by one or by thousands, making the use of bandwidth highly efficient. Web and cloud-based services require individual streams (unicast) for every participant, making them complex to manage as the system scales.

A networked school or university can therefore have a single video stream between teachers, classes, and campuses.

Features include:

Share Desktop


Record & Playback Sessions

File Transfers

Whiteboard & Inking

REACT broadcasts hundreds of virtual lessons…. every hour, every school day of the year, and has been doing so uninterruptedly, since 2001.

“There has been one, and at this stage continues to be only one software program that meets the school’s high demand for ease of use, quality, and flexibility”

As the first in the world to use radio, ASSOA have pioneered a range of programs and approaches that have had an impact on distance education institutions worldwide. The school receives more than 50 000 visitors a year to see how lessons are conducted and to learn how they operate.

The REACT ecosystem is simple to implement, intuitive for all participants to interact with and easy to integrate and administer.

A selection of our customers

University of the South Pacific

Western Cape Education Department

Fiji Ministry of Education

Fiji National University

University of South Pacific

NTG Department of Education

NT School of Distance Education

Alice Springs School of Air

North Eastern School of Education


NSW Education

NSW Education

Dubbo School of Distance Education

Finigan School of Distance Education

Sir Eric Woodward School

REACT - Simple, Personable, Scalable and Secure

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