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REACT, (Remote Education and Conferencing Tool), is a teaching and learning application that enables teachers and students, separated by distance, to be joined as if they were together in a real classroom.  The software is designed to put the teacher in control, with a variety of tools that make delivery of the lesson simple and straightforward.

React is primarily used to radiate lessons to remote learners from a professional studio setup. It is also used to connect one classroom to many for sharing teacher resources, it is used in Hybrid classrooms where physical and remote students are present and equally interactive, and it is used as a meeting or conferencing tool.

REACT provides venues or virtual classrooms and assigns user access rights to these classrooms. A school would typically setup a virtual classroom for each grade or subject. Students can then enter these virtual classrooms according to their timetables just as they would in a real school environment. They do not need an invitation or password every time they have a lesson as is required with typical conferencing platforms.

REACT has a simple and intuitive Admin portal. Within the admin portal, customers can upload CSV/Excel user lists with email addresses and passwords. They can then assign student or teacher rights, group users, allocate venues/classrooms and allow or restrict access to these classrooms. Venues/Classrooms can be named accordingly, and a logo can be added.

REACT is available in a Studio and a Client version. The Studio version is, as the name suggests, the version of software developed for use in a full-time professional Studio setup. It allows for multiple camera inputs, full teacher control, chromakey backgrounds etc. The Studio is only available for Microsoft. The Client version is what is generally distributed to the student. It has limited functionality compared to the Studio version, but it is still possible to start a presentation from this version. Limitations to functionality include the ease of camera switching, no picture-in-picture, no chromakey and some limitations on participant control. The Client version is platform agnostic when used with the Browser interface.

The Client version is much simpler to setup and to get started with using React. 

REACT is available on one of our AWS Global servers near you. This Standard option allows for a rapid, simple, and cost-effective deployment of the service with no bandwidth or hardware restrictions.

REACT is also available for installation on the customers server, allowing for LAN deployment within your organization. This key and unique feature allows the customer to utilize the software with no impact on internet usage.

If REACT is deployed on your own server and used on your LAN, then the combined video feeds from all the participants on the LAN are streamed as a single feed to an external participant using multicast technology. All streaming within the LAN is free and not reliant on the internet. In comparison, a web-based solution requires a separate video feed between each participant and an external server.

REACT is available in a Browser version which means that it can be accessed on any platform. The Studio and Client Desktop versions are however only available for Microsoft.

REACT requires active server directory authentication, usually in the form of an email and student number. It is not possible to simply forward a meeting ID and password to a random person. The customer manages the Admin user panel where participant access is granted or restricted to the venues that they create.

We install the React server at the heart of the organization. We then install a bit of software called a reflector at each school which communicates with the primary server.

What do I need to get started?

1. Sign up and Download the version of REACT required. It is recommended to get started with the Client Version (basic version for teachers and students) before progressing to the Studio (for professional permanent studio setups).

2. For Client Desktop- Microsoft Laptop/PC for each participating class/student/teacher.

3. For Client Browser- The Browser version is platform agnostic. Browser access also available on any device.

4. For Studio- Please request Studio hardware requirement. Microsoft only.

5. Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (ideally) with suitable Mic and Speakers.

6. Projector/Smart Screen – Ideal for Class-to-Class.

7. Class webcam (RECOMMENDED).

8. Remote students need a webcam and earphones with microphone.

Note: The built-in camera in the teacher’s laptop can be used as a class cam and as a means of interactivity if required.


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