Plans & Pricing

REACT is available in a Studio and a Client version.

Studio version

The Studio version is, as the name suggests, the version of software is/was developed for use in a full-time professional Studio setup. It allows for simple switching between multiple camera inputs, full teacher control, chromakey backgrounds etc. The Studio is only available for Microsoft.

Client version

The Client version is available in a Desktop or Browser version for use on any device or platform. The Client version offers similar functionality to the Studio but
with limitations in ease of camera switching, picture-in-picture display etc as listed above. This version is distributed to the student, but it is also available to teachers.

The Client version is simple to setup and to get started with using React. It is recommended to use this version for general class-to-class teaching or hybrid classrooms where it is not possible to set up a permanent studio

Package pricing is determined by the size of the school or organisation, the number of virtual classrooms required, the existing infrastructure and numerous other factors, including how best to optimise existing resources.

We work to ensure the best possible pricing for all our clients, so please speak to one of our specialists who can guide you to select the best option for your school.


$5 / month
  • Simple setup on REACT's servers
  • Minimum Price
  • Price Capped
    (unlimited participant therafter)
  • Annual Subscription
  • 20 Venues / Classrooms


For LAN Deployment at schools and on Campuses
$ 3 Monthly
  • Minimum Price $3000
  • Annual Subscription
  • 50 Venues / Classrooms


$1 / month
  • For LAN Deployment at Education Departments and Universities
  • Minimum Price $10 000
  • Price Capped
    $20 000
  • Annual Subscription
  • Unlimited Venues / Classrooms

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REACT Software Versions, whats best for me?

React Client
React Client
React Studio
 Plug and Play setup
 Permenant Studio Setup
 Number of Camera Inputs
 Seamless camera switching
 Picture in Picture
 Presenter Platform
 Install File Size
 Operating Platform
 Screen Share
 Power Point
 White Board
 Chromakey (Green Screen)

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